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Domestic CCTV
Dome cameras


CCTV at home is now available to everyone at very reasonable prices. 
The cost of a four-camera system to protect your home is probably only a little more than a standard alarm system. 
The benefits of having CCTV installed are far greater now with user friendly Apps for each system displaying your live CCTV on any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world that has Internet access. 
The minimum lens we use for domestic analogue installations is now 5mp TVi. Standard HD is only 2mp so the images from our cameras are much crisper, especially over 20 to 30 metres. IP Cameras are used more often than analogue simply because they are a crisper image and run at a greater frame rate per second.  
The latest digital IP cameras use a dark fighter lens giving a lot more clarity at night time because they operate very well under really low light conditions. Although more expensive than analogue cameras they are much better and have a faster frame rate. 
We tend to use IP turret cameras on most domestic installations because they don’t spoil the aesthetics of your house. The cameras are available in grey or white. Each camera blends into the background, but at night switches to Infra-red which forces the IR’s to glow red. This also acts as a deterrent to ‘would be thieves’ who like to scout out properties in advance. 


The cameras are available in both white or grey and we tend to use fixed lens, usually 2.8mm or 4mm. All our cameras are a minimum of 4mp, super HD, giving a really clear live view both day and night. The software allows for zooming in and out on screen, and also taking a ‘snapshot’. 
All cabling is done with CAT5e and the DVR/NVR can be placed anywhere in the house that is accessible. Many clients these days tend to have them stored in the loft space or garage, but it is a personal preference and can be placed anywhere. 
The other benefit of CCTV over an alarm is the fact that after the event, you can actually see the criminals on film. The first thing a police officer will ask when he comes to investigate a break-in is “Do you have any video evidence”. 
The NVR's and DVR’s that we use are very straight forward when it comes to downloading the recorded footage from previous days and most will store recordings for at least 2 weeks, depending on the hard drive installed, before overwriting them. 
"Stuart recently installed a CCTV system at my house after I was let down badly by another contractor. He was very professional, meticulous and produced work of a very high standard. He also didn't charge any more than his original quote, despite having to do extra work. He is a real gentleman and I have no hesitation in recommending him." 
March 7, 2016 
Imran was Stuart's client 
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